About Chris Lewis Lee

Hi, I'm Chris. I create whimsical and narrative focused illustrations centred around my love of history, mythology, folk and fairy tale.

I work as a freelance illustrator and have worked with an array of clients that include large international corporate clients, nationwide companies and regional charities. I have experience working on: comics, artwork for video games, album covers, card games, illustrated booklets, leaflets, banners, advertisements, logo design, posters, articles, children’s books, magazines, maps, digitally designed murals for print and more.

As well as an illustrator I also care a lot of about education, and have worked in schools, colleges and university settings. My educational experiences were previously focused on educating and supporting learners, I now work as an E-learning designer where I combine my previous experiences as an educator with my love of illustration.

Interested in working with me or have an queries? Please contact me via: or use the form below: